The first plant KORVI FULLERS EARTH PROCESSING INDUSTRY was established in the year 1956, for manufacturing Powder & Granules, processed absorbent clays, Surface modified clays.

The second plant was established in the year 1991. To manufacture High Powered Acid Activated Bleaching Earth By Wet process to cater mainly to Edible Oil, Hard to bleach oils, Animal fats, Vegetables oils, Petroleum jelly, White oils, Microcrystalline wax, Paraffin wax, Slack wax etc.

The mining activity is carried out with a initial survey of the land by trial pits and analyzing the Raw Fullers Earth. The selected area is remarked for mechanized mining keeping into view separation of different layers of Fullers Earth to extract the best quality.

We can mine Raw Fullers Earth of any quality required with a planned time frame. If we receive well in advance the customer requirement of Raw Fullers Earth of Raw Fullers Earth with dispatch schedules, we have the capacity and can plan to deliver the required quality to suit the customer needs.

It is a well known fact that the quality of the fullers earth for acid activation does not relate to the color of the material. It is universally known the calcite, charts and quartz are present in the Raw Fullers Earth. They are removed manually to a large extent.

For the production of Acid Activated bleaching Earth, random sample of Raw Fullers Earth are taken and they are subjected to complete activation process at the laboratory to determine the quality. The finished product from the laboratory process is put on test for bleaching efficiency (Decolorizing Power) in comparison to high quality standard bleaching earth, which we keep as standard for testing.

The raw material are analyzed and taken up for mining after determining high yield percentage of finished bleaching earth keeping into consideration acid consumption, washing of the clay final bulk density, filtration rate of the product. The laboratory finished bleaching earth is subject to different edible oil bleaching process to understand decolorizing power on different on oils.